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My ex-boyfriend’s infidelity damaged more than my heart and health. It took my faith. I hope I can get it back. Read More. Entertainment Black Women In Sports Honors Dawn Staley & Swin Cash.

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  • forgive friends answer #2 Baron A. 7 years ago Most times seeing the person will trigger feelings they do not want to deal with, guilt, anxiety, mystery, it could be a number of things. Some other things to take into consideration is, they can’t trust how you will act around them. They are scared of what you may do. Reason #1: They Still Have Feelings For You. This may sound bizarre, but often when your ex is acting like an asshole to you or being cold and distant, it means they still care about you or have feelings for you. Their cruelty or confrontational behaviour is their way of dealing with these emotions, and typically it's actually a subconscious. Honesty is the greatest gift you could ever give to others and yourself. It saves you from shutting off your vulnerability. It disallows agendas, dramas, and the ability to mask your truth. Honesty may be painful, disagreed with, and disliked, but it will always be respected. Honesty is also the only one-way ticket out of relational amateur hour.

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    Why is She Really Ignoring You? A common mistake guys make when trying to get an ex.